COORDEM®CBTC system solution


COORDEM®CBTC solution, based on multimode wireless train-ground communication and moving block technology, overcomes the limitations of conventional fixed-block technology and provides the following advantages:

Safety: Integrated design to ensure safe operations, eliminate human error lead to the accident

Punctuality: The actual arrival time deviation from planned is less than 5 seconds in a reasonable operational timetable

Energy saving: Support DTO/UTO mode, optimization algorithm reduces the power consumption up to 20% than manual driving

Emergency response plan: Support the urban emergency response system by information integration based on GIS

Disaster recovery: Support multiple backup OCC to respond effectively to catastrophic events to minimize operational downtime

Cost saving: Integrated COTS-Based Systems and centralized deployment of equipments, lifecycle cost can be reduced more than 50%

Efficiency: The min headway time is less than 90 seconds

Capacity: Under the premise of safety, the system can fully utilize lines and trains to increase capacity